Transferring to other universities - non-medical postgraduate schools

Non-medical postgraduate school students who wish to transfer to another university must be on track with payment of previous years’ fees and with their exams. 

Those applying for a transfer are not obliged to renew their enrolment, which must instead be done at the host university. Any payments made for renewing enrolment at the University of Milan will only be reimbursed if the transfer request is submitted by the specified deadline. 

For the transfer to take place: 

  1. Submit the transfer request to the Postgraduate Schools Administration Office after booking an appointment through Informastudenti.
  2. Pay the fee of 75 euros using the special payment slip. The fee is non-refundable if you decide not to transfer
  3. Request the ‘nulla osta’ (authorisation) from the host university


Transfers requests may be made from 17 July to 13 October 2023.