Withdrawing from a non-medical postgraduate school and loss of student status

Withdrawal from studies

Withdrawal from studies is irrevocable and results in the cancellation of the student’s university career to date, as well as payment of any outstanding fees. Withdrawal does not, however, prevent the student from enrolling again, even in the same Postgraduate School. 

To withdraw from studies, the student must: 

  1. Make an appointment at the helpdesk of the Student Administration Office of the Postgraduate schools
  2. Hand in their record book (if on paper)
  3. Make the payment of the stamp duty of 16.00 euros for the request through the online service 
    Payment services - Contributions for office services - Stamp duty.
  4. Pay the flat €400 fee, if any, through the online service: Payment management - Fees for administrative services - Fee for career records or other services.
  5. Submit your application: 
    a) Through InformaStudenti attaching the receipt of payment
    b) At the desk by booking an appointment through InformaStudenti. It is possible to delegate a 
    third person with signed proxy and photocopy of the identity document of the delegating party. In this case the stamp can be paid with the paper stamp.
Loss of student status

Students enrolled in other Postgraduate Schools who do not pass the official exam cannot be admitted into the next year and must enrol as a repeating student. 

Students can repeat a year once only.