Discounts and promotions

Project University – Corriere della Sera

Our students, teachers, technical-administrative staff, and anyone with and e-mail addresses, can subscribe to Corriere Digita+ and Tutto+ information services by the Corriere della Sera at discounted rates.

All you have to do is access the link to the Corriere della Sera, choose one of these two services and fill in the online form, entering your university e-mail and a new password.

Corriere Digital Edition is a monthly subscription, which allows you to read the Corriere della Sera on your home PCsmartphone and on leading tablets.

By choosing Corriere Digital Edition, you can access the contents of the national newspaper, local editionssupplements and magazines (Sette, Io Donna, Vivimilano, Style, Living) with a single monthly payment of € 4.99 instead of € 19.99.

You can read the Corriere Digital Edition on:

  • your PC, by logging in to with the e-mail and password used during the subscription procedure
  • your smartphone or tablet, by downloading the new app CorriereUP from Google Play Store and AppStore, and logging in with the credentials used during the subscription procedure.

Corriere Tutto+ gives you unlimited access to the contents of the website, its Archive and to Corriere Digital Edition, on the web, your smartphone or tablet. You also have exclusive benefits such as access to the daily newsletter PrimaOra and the special contents of Bacheca di C+.

You can access the ArchiveBacheca di C+, Corriere Digital Edition and more from:

  • your PC, by logging in on the top right bar on, with the e-mail and password used during the subscription procedure
  • your smartphone or tablet, by downloading free of charge the new app CorriereUP from Google Play Store or AppStore, and logging in with the credentials used during the subscription procedure.
Discounts for students on sports services

The University of Milan offers discounted services to students.


Bossy Rowing Studio


15% off sports services offered within the fitness club.

How to get discounted services

Just show your university badge at the Bossy Rowing Studio fitness club in Piazzetta M. Bossi 4, Milan.

Download the Bossy Rowing Studio discount brochure.

An agreement has been signed with Sport Club Lombardia (Club Motus Palestre group), located in Milan, viale Lombardia 20.

Terms of the Agreement

The agreement provides the following subsidized services for students:

  • 12-month Open Gold membership for € 55.00 per month (instead of € 80.00), including: access to the gym + fitness courses + 2 workout plans by a fitness trainer over the 12 months.
  • 3 “Time out” options, i.e. suspension of membership for 30 consecutive days (to be used exclusively during the 12-month membership) for € 15,00 each, instead of 2 for € 25 each.
  • No initiation fee, instead of the usual € 65.00 fee.

How to purchase:

  • directly at the gym, presenting your university badge.

An agreement has been signed with La Pergola sport centre, located in Lodi, Via per Cà de Bolli 11.

Terms of the Agreement

The agreement provides the following subsidized services for students of the University of Milan:

  • 30% discount on current prices for a 12-month access to the gym, swimming pool or fitness courses.
  • Reduced hourly rates to rent tennis or padel courts and five-a-side football pitches.
  • 15% discount on current prices for close relatives (only applicable to service packages, not to single services).

How to purchase:

  • directly at the sport centre, presenting your university badge.

Here below you can download the agreement and the price list.


Virgin Active S.p.A.


  • € 89.00 per month for 12-month membership at the Piazza Diaz fitness club
  • € 99.00 per month for 3-month membership at the Piazza Diaz fitness club.

How to get discounted membership

Just show your university badge at the Virgin Active Club Milano Diaz.

We have signed an agreement with the Webfit club, a WebFit S.r.l. franchisee.

Terms of the Agreement

The agreement provides the following subsidized services:

  • 12-month membership for € 22.90 per month
  • no membership fee
  • access to all WebFit gyms throughout Italy, with your University badge.

How to purchase

You can buy your membership card directly at the gym, showing your University badge/copy of tuition fees where applicable/proof of enrolment.

An agreement has been signed with the Blupadel centre in Lodi.

Terms of the Agreement

Based on the agreement, students and staff of the University of Milan can book a padel court at the following discounted rates:

- Monday to Friday (from 9 am to 4 pm): € 6.00 instead of € 7.50 for one hour; € 8.50 instead of € 10.00 for one hour and a half;

- Sunday (from 9 am to 9 pm): € 13.00 instead of € 15.00 for one hour and a half.

How to get the discounts

Students and staff wishing to benefit from the agreement have to go to the Blupadel centre and present their University badge. After filling out the membership form, they will receive a card entitling them to the discounted rates.

An agreement has been signed with Studio Gem, a fitness space located in Milan, Corso di Porta Vigentina 35, offering a wide range of activities, including ballet classes, aerial disciplines, group dances and much more.

Terms of the Agreement

The agreement provides the following subsidized services for University staff and students:

  • 20% discount on all services
  • Trial classes at € 10,00, which will be deducted from your subscription, should you opt for a subscription for the activity you tried
  • 10% discount on purchase of Studio Gem by Adidas merchandise products

How to purchase

You can purchase your subscription, including all subsidized services, directly at Studio Gem, presenting your University badge.

Other discounted rates for students

The University stipulates agreements to offer students discounted rates on goods and services.


C&C, Apple computer supplies


3% to 12% off both online and in-store purchases

12% off

  • Apple computers

10% off

  • iPads
  • AppleCare+, only if purchased with a Mac or iPad
  • non-Apple accessories, only if purchased with a Mac or iPad

5% off

  • Apple accessories, only if purchased with a Mac or iPad 

3% off

  • iPhones
  • Apple Watches

How to buy online

Shipping is free for online purchases that include a Mac or iPad.

How to buy in stores

Go to the C&C website to see the list of stores (

Download the brochure of C&C discounted services.

The University has signed an agreement with Pulsee, the energy company founded in 2019 as digital spin off of Axpo Italia. Forget about paper bills: with Pulsee, setting up your utilities will take just a few minutes, plus you can easily check bills from your smartphone.

All students of the University of Milan can benefit from the following Pulsee offer: 24-month exclusive discount on Pulsee electricity and gas bills, including the service My Green Energy - Adotta un impianto, which certifies the origin of the electricity supplied. To learn everything about this initiative, please fill the online form available at, using your University email address.

You can activate your discount directly on the landing page of the initiative and use it on any product available on the website. The discount will be applied directly to your bills. The energy price specified on your electricity/gas bill will be identical to the one displayed on the website when you signed your electricity/gas supply contract.

How to obtain your discount

  1. Fill out the form available at, specifying your name, surname and University email address.
  2. Within 48 hours Pulsee will send you an email with all the details of the agreement, including the code and link to access the offer.
  3. Once you are on the Pulsee page, please select the offer that best suits your home and click on “Attiva l’offerta”.
  4. You will land on a page with a brief summary of the product chosen; in the field “inserisci codice” please insert the code you received per e-mail, click on “verifica codice” and then on “attiva offerta”.
  5. Insert all information pertaining to the utility in question (N.B: please make sure that the data you insert here are those of the person who signed the supply contract).
  6. Once all data and a payment method have been specified, Pulsee will send you an email for the digital signing of the contract, and an OTP confirmation of your telephone number.
  7. Subsequently, you will receive your login details to access your user area.


Bagexpress srl

Grants Discounts

10% off list prices:

  • IT-IT shipments: €28 for max 25 kg luggage, €38 for max 40 kg luggage
  • IT-EU shipments and vice versa: €45 for max 25 kg luggage, €60 for max 40 kg luggage.

Terms and Conditions

The costs for EU-EU shipments vary according to shipping locations and destinations. Weight limits are for each luggage and cannot be cumulated. Max size: 95 x 60 x 40 cm. You can also ship cardboard boxes, with the same weight and size limits. The same rates apply to sports equipment, except for golf bags and skis or snowboards.

The rates include damage and loss insurance up to a maximum of €500. You can also purchase an additional insurance to cover any losses up to a maximum of €1,000.

The collection date can be chosen by the customer, from Monday to Friday. Delivery times vary according to the destination: for Italy-Italy shipments they range from 24 hours to 3 working days, for Italy-EU shipments and vice versa from 2 to 4 days. The same applies to EU-EU shipments.

Delivery times may be longer for some particular locations (for example, small islands for all countries) or in periods when shipments intensify (as in the Christmas holiday-black Friday season).

How to buy


SelfEasy S.r.l.


30% off the general price list for self-storage services, warehouse and temporary storage facilities at via Campania 14, San Giuliano Milanese (MI).

Terms and Conditions

The price list shows monthly rates. However, it is possible to use the service for fractions of month. The final cost will be calculated on a pro-rata basis, and the customer will receive a refund for any days not used.

How to book

Send an e-mail to [email protected] from your institutional account ( or, specifying the rental period and square footage required.  You can also contact them by phone or visit the storage site.

Payment methods

Pay the monthly rent in advance at the beginning of the month. You will also have to pay a security deposit worth two monthly rents, excluding VAT, which will be refunded at the end of the rental period. Moreover, customers are required to pay a monthly insurance premium of at least € 13.00 (against an insured value of € 3,000.00).

Insurance services

Agreement on Allianz insurance services extended to Unimi PhD students.

Unimi PhD students have been included in the agreement regarding the following Allianz insurance services:

  • Ultra Salute
  • Global Assistance (travels, assistance and services to people).

This means that up to 10 May 2023, PhD students will have the chance to benefit from dedicated discounted rates.

Please also note that there is a welcome offer on the Allianz insurance services covered by the agreement: a three-month free insurance coverage for those who contact Allianz Sant’Agostino no later than 30 September 2022 and sign the contract within 30 days after the first enquiry.

For further information and contact details, please see the attached presentations or visit the dedicated page on the La [email protected] website.

Available software

On the staff portal [email protected], you will find information on campus agreements, which also apply to students.