Extracurricular internships

Extracurricular internships are periods of training undertaken by Bachelor's, Master's and single-cycle Master's graduates, as well as those who completed a Vocational Master's or Doctoral programme, within 12 months from graduation.

This type of internship:

  • cannot last less than 2 months or more than 12 months
  • requires the host institution to pay an internship allowance (reimbursement of expenses) pursuant to the applicable regional regulation. 

The host institution is also required to notify the start / extension / interruption of the internship through the COB system for mandatory notices.

Internship office

For information

E-mail assistance: [email protected]
Phone assistance (02.503.12032):

  • Tuesday: 10 am to 12 noon
  • Thursday: 10 am to 12 noon
Internship description
University tutor

The university tutor is chosen by the university in the approval stage and has the statutory task of:

  • ensuring the success of the internship experience
  • supervising the trainee during the internship
  • preparing the individual file and certificate at the end of the internship.
Internship allowance

For extracurricular internships carried out in Lombardy, the allowance / reimbursement of expenses is as follows:

  • € 500 per month, gross of any withholding taxes. This amount can be reduced to € 400 per month if meal vouchers or canteen services are provided
  • € 350 per month if the daily activity does not exceed 4 hours
  • € 300 per month for the Public Administration.

The internship allowance is paid in full if the trainee attends at least 80% of activities on a monthly basis.

Activation and performance of extracurricular internships

The trainee can identify the institution / company in which to carry out the internship through:

  • the ad service managed by the Cosp with Almalaurea
  • external and personal channels. 

For internships carried out in Lombardy, all institutions, companies and trainees shall follow the same procedure regardless of how the internship was identified.

The activation of extracurricular internships outside Lombardy is suspended.

How to
1 - Declaration of Immediate Availability (Dichiarazione di Immediata Disponibilità, DID)


Hereby requests a Declaration of Immediate Availability (DID).

This Declaration is required in order to institute an extra-curricular internship for any non-working/unemployed graduate.

Where the intern already has a pending work contract, they must contact the University’s internship service office before requesting the DID.

2 - Preliminary steps (initial request only)

The business/organisation

  1. must register for the placement service
  2. sign the convention on internships

The intern

  1. logs onto UNIMIA - Jobs and internships
  2. clicks on manage your CV and logs onto Almago
  3. fills out his/her CV and makes it visible online: at the initial log-in, the system will prompt the user to confirm their academic and personal details, before then allowing them to fill out the remaining sections of the CV.
3- Submission of the learning agreement


At least fifteen (15) days before the start of the internship

  1. Enters authentication credentials into the Business Portal
  2. Selects Manage Internships - Learnings Agreement - Enter new learning agreement
  3. Enters the learning agreement for the student: the form may be saved as a draft and completed later.
  4. Saves the agreement: at the end of the process, the learning agreement is submitted for approval.

COSP (University Study and Career Guidance Service)

Approves the internship agreement, vetting the intern’s status, the objectives relating to the skill set to be acquired, and the duration. Business/Organisation and intern receive notification of approval.

4 - Signing the learning agreement


  1. downloads the approved internship agreement from Almalaurea, from the webpage labelled “Internship Agreement Details”;
  2. has the intern/trainee sign the internship agreement
  3. places their own signature and official seal on the document

Acceptable signatures

  • ink signatures / signing by hand
  • digital signature (PAdES/p7m format)
5 - Document submission and activation of internship


The following documents should be uploaded to the Almalaurea portal at least three working days before the beginning of the internship:

  • learning agreement signed by the intern and the host;
  • Intern’s Declaration of Immediate Availability (DID);
  • hiring COB (mandatory notice of hiring);
  • residence permit (for non-EU citizens). 


  1. check uploaded documents;
  2. activate the internship;
  3. upload to portal the learning agreement countersigned by the university.
6 - After the internship has been activated


  • fills out the attendance log (see guide for instructions)
  • ongoing monitoring: fill out periodic questionnaires when received via email

Events arising over the course of the internship: Absences, transfers, leaves of absences, extensions, terminations due to injury/illness
At the end of the internship: final assessments, individual dossier

Please do not hesitate to contact our office with any questions or concerns