Activating a curricular internship

Covid-19 - Internship and internship updates

The following page contains the updated provisions for resuming or starting internships.


Curricular internships are internships undertaken in organisations and companies outside of the University by students enrolled at the University of Milan. 

This type of traineeship starts and finishes before a student obtains his/her degree and can be undertaken with the purpose of: 

  • recognising ECTS credits in their plan of study
  • carrying out research activities for their thesis/final exams
  • acquiring knowledge and experience which will be useful for their professional development and entry into the jobs market, irrespective of credits. 

Stakeholders in the traineeship process

  • Degree programme - regulates the approved activities, their duration, recognition of the internship within the plan of study and, where relevant, the periods in which an internship may be undertaken.
  • COSP – handles the administrative procedures.

Internship office

For information

E-mail assistance:
Phone assistance (02.503.12032):

  • Tuesday: 10 am to 12 noon
  • Thursday: 10 am to 12 noon
Activation procedure

Contact the Academic Services Office of your specific degree programme and/or your academic tutor for information on:

  1. Which activities can be carried out
  2. Any restrictions to accessing internships relating to the year of study or ECTS credit thresholds
  3. Duration of the internships for the purpose of recognising ECTS credits
  4. ECTS credits that can be obtained.

Every degree programme has different rules and procedures for recognising ECTS. Go to your programme website and check the Study section, Internships and Traineeships.

The activation of an internship is always subject to approval by an academic tutor, irrespective of whether ECTS credits are relevant or not. Tutors can approve internships electronically or by means of a letter accompanying the training programme when it is eventually uploaded onto the system. 

Other useful information:

The organisation/company

  1. Registers with the university’s placement service
  2. Signs up to the internship agreement 

The intern 

  1. Logs in to Unimia – Jobs and traineeships
  2. Selects gestisci il tuo cv (manage your CV) and accesses Almago
  3. Displays and completes their CV. The first time the intern accesses the service they will be asked to confirm their personal and study details before they can complete the remaining fields in the CV. 

Note: the training programme must be presented at least 2 weeks before the date agreed by the organisation/intern for the start of the internship activities. 


  1. Logs in to Accesso aziende (Access for companies)
  2. Selects Gestione tirocini - Progetti formativi - Inserisci nuovo progetto formativo (Manage an internship-Training programmes-Enter new training programme)
  3. Enters the student’s internship training programme: if necessary, the form can be completed in stages, leaving the programme in draft form
  4. Saves the programme: at the end of the procedure, the training programme is sent for approval. 

Academic tutors and COSP
The academic tutor (a different one for each degree programme) and COSP approve the training programme sent.

The institution/company

  1. downloads the approved training project
  2. signs and stamps the document
  3. has the student sign the project
  4. uploads the documentation to the system
  5. uploads any other documents required by the degree programme (letter from the tutor, if required by the programme, general safety training certificate for professional internships in Pharmacy). For more information see Curricular internship tutor - Credit transfer - Tutor's letter "



  1. Checks the uploaded documents and, if there is a delay in uploading them, amends the internship start date if necessary, postponing it until the next suitable day, after agreeing it with the host institution and/or the intern
  2. Activates the internship.


  1. Can only begin activities once the internship has been activated
  2. Do not need to go to the COSP Helpdesk in person to hand in their documents. 
After activation

Procedures for dealing with particular situations that occur during the internship, and for ending the internship.  

Situations that occur during an internship: Absences, transfers, interruptions (cancellation, suspension), extensions, accidents.

Ending the internship: Early termination, final assessment, certification of activities undertaken and skills acquired