Curricular internships for labour consultants

Pursuant to the regulation of the labour consultant  profession as amended by Law no. 27/2012, you can carry out the first 6 (out of 18) months of traineeship for regulated professions during the Bachelor's, Master's or single-cycle Master's degree programme.

The University of Milan provides this opportunity under the agreement with the Provincial Association of Labour Consultants.


You can carry out part of the traineeship for admission to the qualifying examination for the labour consultant profession during the last year of one of the following degree programmes:

Degree Classes

Bachelor's and single-cycle Master's degree programmes 

Master's degree programmes

  • L-14: Legal Services
  • L-16: Administration
  • L-18: Business administration
  • L-33: Economics
  • L-36: Political Science and International Relations
  • LMG-01: single-cycle Master's degree programme in Law
  • LM-56: Economics
  • LM-62: Political Science
  • LM-63: Public Administration
  • LM-77: Management

The training shall ensure the acquisition of the following CFU credits, in the corresponding academic fields: 

18 ETCS Area 12 - Law

  • IUS/01 - Private law
  • IUS/04 - Business Law
  • IUS/07 - Labour Law
  • IUS/10 - Administrative Law
  • IUS/12 - Tax Law
  • IUS/14 - European Union Law

12 ECTS  Area 13 - Economics and Statistics

  • SECS-P/01 - Political Economics
  • SECS-P/07 - Business Economics
  • SECS-P/08 - Business Economics and Management
  • SECS-P/10 - Business Organization

You can apply for admission if you are enrolled in the last year of one of the above degree programmes and have earned:

  • at least 90 CFUs for Bachelor's degree programmes
  • at least 60 CFUs for Master's degree programmes
  • at least 150 CFUs for single-cycle Master's degree programmes
Admission procedures

There are two main channels:

1. Offers received by the COSP from labour consultants

  • The Provincial Association of Labour Consultants notifies the COSP of available opportunities at variable intervals.
  • Offers can be viewed on this page with a direct link to the ad published on the online board.
  • If you are interested, you can apply directly on the portal; the Cosp will forward suitable applications to individual firms, which will select a candidate.
  • The firms will access the agreement and enter the training project following the standard procedure for curricular internships, specifying "labour consultant internship" in the activity field. The academic tutor identified by the degree programme (Prof. Franca Maino - Labour and Management, Prof. Michele Squeglia - Law (single-cycle Master's degree); Prof.ssa Alessandra Ingrao - Sciences of Legal Services) will be selected from the drop-down menu.
  • The tutor will approve the training project online.
  • The firm will print the training project to be activated following the standard procedure for curricular internships.
  • The training project will then be forwarded by the student to the Provincial Association of Labour Consultants to formalize their position.

2. Expression of interest from the student, if there are no published offers

  • The student will contact the academic tutor identified by the programme’s coordinating boards.
  • The tutor will forward the expression of interest from the student to the Provincial Association of Labour Consultants for matching.

Internship guidance tutors