Curricular internships at the Milan Juvenile Court - Public Prosecutor's Office at the Milan Juvenile Court

Our University has signed two agreements, one with the Milan Juvenile Court and one with the Public Prosecutor's Office at the Milan Juvenile Court, allowing fourth- and fifth-year students of the single-cycle Master's degree programme in Law to undertake curricular internships at the above- mentioned judicial offices.

Interns will participate in work activities and gain practical experience in a unique and very interesting legal field.

The activities, to be carried out alongside judges and prosecutors, will include jurisprudential research, analysis of trial files, in-depth study of legal issues, hearings, drafting or co-drafting of minutes, reports and court orders.

The internship lasts 6 months, with approximately 480 hours' total commitment.

Students majoring in juvenile criminal procedure, criminal procedural law, and criminal law may write their thesis on some internship topics.

This type of internship can award transfer credits (3 CFU) and an additional point towards the degree mark, subject to the board's approval.

Application requirements and procedure

Students enrolled in the fourth and fifth years of the single-cycle Master's degree programme in Law, who have passed the Juvenile criminal procedure exam with at least 27/30 and have an average grade of at least 27/30, may apply for the internship.

In the case of multiple applications, priority will be given to candidates who have shown greater motivation by actively participating in classes and seminars on criminal law.

How to apply

Fill out the application form posted to the Juvenile criminal procedure Ariel page and e-mail it to the project tutor, Prof. Lucio Camaldo. Application windows are specified on the Ariel page.

The internships will be set up after the selection process.

Project tutor

Prof. Lucio Camaldo
Department of Law "Cesare Beccaria"