Working and undertaking internships abroad

Cosp offers students two types of orientation services to help and guide students with regard to working and undertaking internships abroad:  

Individual guidance at the Careers Services Helpdesk 
During COSP’s helpdesk opening hours - Wednesday 2 pm to 4 pm (Via Santa Sofia 9/1), expert career officers are on hand to provide information on: 

  • Tools and requirements for applying for and accessing work and internship opportunities abroad
  • Means and methods for researching opportunities for study, work and internships abroad
  • Language courses and certifications.

Interviews last approximately 15 minutes and do not need to be booked in advance.

Important: to go abroad for the purposes of work or to undertake an internship, students need to have good knowledge of the language of the country they intend to travel to.

Online noticeboard for work and internships 
The noticeboard posts job and internship offers notified to COSP by organisations and companies. 

To consult the online noticeboard, access UNIMIA and log in (using your university email address and the password you chose to access your emails).

If you have updated your CV online, you may be contacted directly by companies interested in your profile. 

A selection of job and internship offers is available for public viewing on the noticeboard located to the right of the door to the COSP Helpdesk.