Studying Law at the University of Milan

Teaching organization

Educational activities in Law are organized into two semesters:

  • 27 September - 10 December 2021 - first semester
  • 28 February - 20 May 2022 - second semester.

Lessons for modules not included in the first semester timetable are automatically assigned to the second semester.

Exams schedule
  • 12 December 2022 - 24 February 2023, four sessions
  • 22 May - 28 July 2023, three sessions
  • 1 September - 22 september 2023, two sessions.
Additional learning requirements (OFA)

Admission to Bachelor's and single-cycle Master's degree programmes is subject to an assessment of the student's educational background.

Should the assessment reveal any gaps, the student will be assigned additional learning requirements (OFA), to be met through additional activities such as courses and seminars as set out in the call for applications or on the website for each study programme.

Exams and reporting
Exam registration

Registrations for exam sessions start fifteen days before the date set, not including Saturdays, Sundays and any holidays. The deadline for registrations is five days before the exam, not including Saturdays, Sundays and any holidays. 

Students can register for the exams through Unimia.


Internships and placements

Students enrolled in Bachelor's, Master's and single-cycle Master's degree programmes in Law may undertake curricular internships as specifically set out for their degree programme.

You will find detailed information on the dedicated page of your programme website.

Study awards

The University of Milan offers study awards for students or graduates, thanks to its own or external funding.

International agreements

The Faculty of Law favors collaboration and exchange with international organizations and institutions that operate in areas of legal interest.

International mobility calls

See the international mobility calls for students and graduates in Law

International mobility

Every year, thanks to special agreements beyond its participation in the Erasmus+ Programme, Law offers around 120 students the opportunity to study at European and extra-European partner universities, including  prestigious North American, South American and Asian universities.

Law offers a Double Degree Program in Law thanks to its agreement with the Faculty of Law the University of Toulouse and Cergy-Pointoise, and in collaboration with foreign universities periodically organizes Summer Schools abroad.

Law and Erasmus+

Information and contacts for students interested in a period of study at a European University.

Final exam

Before sitting the final exam and graduate, students must earn the required number of academic credits (CFU) and write a thesis based on the guidelines provided on the study programme website.

Go to study programme websites to get all the information.

Moot Courts - Legal Competitions

The Moot Court Competition, in which the State University students of Law have repeatedly distinguished themselves, are competitions in a simulated arbitration process.

Teams from different universities challenge each other in the role of lawyers, discussing a case assigned to them in the presence of arbitration panels consisting of the most famous and distinguished academics and professionals in the sector.