Studying at Biological Sciences

The objectives of the Bachelor's Degree Programme in Biological Sciences are to provide a solid basic knowledge of the main sectors of the biological sciences and a good command of the methodologies and technologies inherent in the relative fields of scientific investigation. The acquisition of this type of background is fundamental in order to assimilate modern scientific and technological advances and to understand and correctly treat living organisms.

The Master Degree programmes aim to complete the students' preparation by providing theoretical knowledge and practical tools to manage research in a specific field of application of the biological sciences, either personally or in collaboration with other qualified professionals.

Certificates and awards

The Department of Biosciences, organizer of the Teaching College of Biological Sciences, is one of the eight Departments of Excellence within the University of Milan to have been awarded funds aimed at strengthening and enhancing the excellence of research through investment in highly qualified human resources, infrastructures and education.

Entrance examination

The Bachelor's Degree programme in Biological Sciences has limited enrolment (250 students). The formulation of the ranking is based on the results of the entrance exam.

The master's degree programmes in Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology, Biology Applied to Research in Biomedicine, Applied Biology in Nutritional Sciences and Molecular Biology of the Cell have open access after an assessment of academic requirements and individual preparation. The Master's Degree Programme in Plant Science has limited enrolment (10 students).

Programme Organization

Courses and academic activities are organized into two semesters: 

  • First semester – from the end of September to December
  • Second semester – from the end of February to May 

The courses that are not found in the first semester course timetables will be held in the second semester.

Traineeships and internships

All bachelor's degree programmes in the Biological Sciences require compulsory participation in a period of internship. For master's degree programmes, the internship is necessary for the preparation of the degree thesis.

Alternating School and Work Programme

The Academic Board of Biological Sciences conducts alternating school and work programmes, in collaboration with CusMiBio (University Centre and School of Milan for Bioscience Education), as part of the competition, "One week as a researcher". The competition is organized for third, fourth and fifth graders in upper-secondary schools in all regions of Italy.

Student statistics
Rankings and statistical data

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