Studying at Natural Sciences

Programme Organization

Courses and academic activities are organized into two semesters, the first from October to January and the second from March to June. The dates for the beginning and end of each semester will be made available well before the beginning of classes. 

For the Bachelor's Degree in Natural Sciences, both semesters have a two-week pause so that any midterm exams and/or progress tests can be carried out.

Entrance examination
The Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Natural Sciences has a limited enrolment. The entrance examination includes questions on the topics of mathematics, logic, reading comprehension, physics, chemistry, earth sciences.

Access to the Master's Degree programme in BioGeosciences: Analysis of Ecosystems and Communication in Science is guaranteed to all those who have obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Science and Technology for the Environment and Nature (class L-32). Access is also possible for those who have a degree in other study programmes, after having held an interview, which is aimed at determining the compatibility of the skills that have been acquired.

Traineeships and internships

A committee composed of lecturers (for the degree thesis, internships, external activities and nature campaigns) is specifically responsible for providing assistance for participation in training periods, internships and traineeships with external organizations. This committee guides students in these activities with support from the University Study and Career Guidance Service (COSP).

Student statistics
Rankings and statistical data

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