Unitech facilities

Research Infrastructures

UNITECHs are core facilities to support university researchers' creativity; they provide the latest equipment so as to enhance international competitiveness and encourage participation in research programmes.

UNITECHs provide high-level multidisciplinary technical assistance and services, both inside and outside the University, to stimulate development and innovation in a context that favours the encounter of diverse research fields.

With a view to enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the University’s research, UNITECHs aim to rationalize the use of University resources (human, economic, logistic) that are given over to research, by grouping these into cutting-edge core facilities.

Structural and compositional characterization of substances and materials through spectroscopy and diffractometry.

High-performance processors for 512 cores and 600 TB storage on a parallel file system, and an Infiniband communication network.

Transmitted and Fluorescence Optical Microscopy and Electron Microscopy.

Proteomic, lipidomic and metabolomic studies based on mass spectrometry.