Additional DSU allowances and grants

Disability allowance

By applying for the additional allowance addressed to disabled students, the DSU regional scholarships allowances can raise the maximum value of regional DSU scholarships up to2,807 for students living close to the University, up to 3,994 for commuters and € 7,316 for external students.

On request, the allowance can be converted into special equipmentteaching materialaccommodationaccompanying person or study assistant, interpreter or any other suitable instrument to overcome individual difficulties.


Who may apply

To apply for an additional disability allowance, winners of DSU regional scholarships  have to belong to the categories referred to in art. 2 of law no. 118 of 30 March 1971 or other legally recognised categories of disability with at least 66% invalidity.

How to apply

The application procedure for the additional disability allowance is specified in the annual call for applications for DSU scholarships generally published in July.

The application must be submitted online - from July to the end of September - by accessing to the Benefits service desk  with one's own University or registration credentials.


Allowances are granted by a special committee after publication of the final ranking list for regional DSU scholarships.

International mobility allowance

The allowance goes with regional DSU scholarships and can be awarded once at each study level to students taking part in programmes of study abroad certified by the University.

The allowance is € 550/month, including any EU allowances received, for the duration of study abroad up to a maximum of 10 months. 

Travel expenses are reimbursed up to € 150 in the case of European countries and up to € 500 for countries outside Europe, in addition to the established free meals that have not been enjoyed.

International mobility allowance Academic Year 2019/2020 final Ranking list 

International mobility allowance Academic Year 2019/2020 final Ranking list is published.

Results are available at the online helpdesk, Higher Education Grants > Rankings published in the last two academic years.

Who may apply

To apply, students must only meet the requirements of regular attendance and the income range envisaged for the scholarship.

How to apply

Application must be made by accessing the online service Benefits service desk  with one's University or registration credentials, from the second half of July - when the call for application is pubblished - to the end of September.


The publication of the provisional ranking list is planned for January 2022, while the final ranking list will be published on February 2022.

Both ranking lists are available at the online service Benefits service desk 

Special grant

This grant is provided in cases of grave family situations that could prejudice continuation of studies (such as loss of income, health problems, death of a family member), occurring between 1 October 2019 and 30 September 2020.

The sum varies according to the gravity of the situation, which must be certified with appropriate documentation, and in any case does not exceed € 1,500.

Special grants are only awarded once per academic year and only once for the same reason during a student's whole university career.

Who may apply

To apply, students must only meet the requirements of regular attendance and the income range envisaged for the scholarship.

How to apply

The announcement is published each year, in July.

Application must be submitted online, by accessing the Benefits service desk with one's own University or registration credential by 15 December each year.

The necessary documents can be uploaded as described in the online procedure.