Grants for Disadvantaged Students

Special grant

This grant is provided in cases of grave family situations that could prejudice continuation of studies (such as loss of income, health problems, death of a family member), occurring between 1 October 2021 and 30 September 2022.

The sum varies according to the gravity of the situation, which must be certified with appropriate documentation, and in any case does not exceed € 1,500.

Special grants are only awarded once per academic year and only once for the same reason during a student's whole university career.

To apply, students must only meet the requirements of regular attendance and the income range envisaged for the regional scholarship, all the information are described in the Call for applications published in July.

Application must be submitted online, by accessing the Benefits service desk with one's own University or registration credential by 31 October each year.

The necessary documents can be uploaded as described in the online procedure.