Refectory services and meals

The University of Milan offers all enrolled students the opportunity to enjoy a low-cost meal in affiliated restaurants and cafeterias.

On the map you will find:

  • on-campus cafeterias for all students
  • hospital cafeterias that can be used only by students who are entitled to subsidised meals and have classes at the hospital in question
  • affiliated snack bars and restaurants that offer all students an affordable meal, plus break areas with tables and microwaves
  • drinks and snacks vending machines
  • water dispensers.

Lunch time is 11:30 am to 3:00 pm, dinner time is 6.30 to 9.30 pm, subject to opening hours

Users will be required to show their badge "Carta La Statale" for identification.

New restaurants

Are you a student and would you like to propose a new restaurant for affiliation?

Contact us on InformaStudenti - Fees and Benefits - Refectory Services and Meals

Benefits for scholarship recipients and applicants for subsidies
Recipients of regional scholarships

Recipients of regional scholarships are entitled to a free lunch meal Monday to Saturday, pursuant to the call for applications.

In addition, non-resident students are entitled to the Sunday lunch and to dinner every day at a subsidised rate depending on their income bracket:

  • Bracket 1: € 3.30 
  • Bracket 2: € 4.10
  • Bracket 3: € 4.70 

In case of theft or loss of the "Carta La Statale" badge, you can request a temporary card and continue using the restaurant service. In order to receive it, you will have to make an appointment through InformaStudenti - ''Appointments '' - "Badge Carta La Statale" desk.

Applicants for catering services at a subsidised rate

All enrolled students, up to the first off-track year, can have lunch at a subsidised rate upon request. Applications must be submitted within the deadlines set out in the annual call for applications for catering services.

There are three subsidised rates based on your income bracket:

  • Bracket 1: € 3.30 
  • Bracket 2:€ 4.10
  • Bracket 3: € 4.70  

Apply online using your University or registration credentials.

As of 2024, you can access the University's education incentive programmes services by using your SPID identity. Further information is available on the Registration page.

Help us improve

You can report any issues or bad service through InformaStudenti - Fees and benefits - Refectory Services and Meals