Studying at Industrial Biotechnology

Programme Organization

Courses and academic activities are organized into two semesters: 

  • First semester – from October to January
  • Second semester – from March to June

The courses that are not found in the first semester course timetables will be held in the second semester. 

Entrance examination
A specific entrance exam is not required for enrolment in the Molecular Biotechnology and Bioinformatics Master's Degree Programme. The enrolment request, submitted online, is evaluated by a special commission, consisting of lecturers in the master's degree programme, and is based on the student's academic curriculum transcript. If necessary, the commission may supplement this evaluation with an interview with the candidate.

Bioinformatics for Computational Genomics Master's Degree Programme: limited enrollment with admission test (Call for applications).

Certificates and awards

The Department of Biosciences, organizer of the Master Degree Programmes in Industrial Biotechnology, is one of the eight Departments of Excellence within the University of Milan to have been awarded funds aimed at strengthening and enhancing the excellence of research through investment in highly qualified human resources, infrastructures and education.

Traineeships and internships

The Master's Degree programme in Molecular Biotechnology and Bioinformatics includes a qualifying moment of training and acquisition of skills through the development of an experimental thesis to be carried out in either university research laboratories and/or other national or international public or private laboratories or institutions.

An integral part of the internship is the preparation of a final paper, written in English, that is related to the activity carried out.

Alternating School and Work Programme

The Academic Board of Industrial and Environmental Biotechnology conducts alternating school and work programmes in collaboration with CusMiBio (University Centre and School of Milan for Bioscience Education), as part of the competition: "One week as a researcher". The competition is organized for third, fourth and fifth grade students in upper secondary schools in all regions of Italy.

Student statistics
Rankings and statistical data

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