Enrolment on a Master's programme


Those holding or about to complete a Bachelor's degree (or equivalent title) by 31 December or by the deadline indicated in the Programme Structure for the selected Master's degree programme (which also reports the specific requirements for admission), may enrol on the degree programme.

Those holding the following qualifications may also enrol on a Master's degree programme:

  • a university diploma in social work;
  • a diploma issued by institutes for High level Education in Arts and Music (academies and conservatories), as well as an upper secondary school-leaving certificate, even from a four-year programme
  • a diploma from higher schools for Language Mediators (DM 38/2002).


Incompatibility and exceptions

You cannot simultaneously enrol at more than one university, on more than one degree programme, on a degree programme and single courses at the same university or at a Higher School for Language Mediators (former Higher School for Translators and Interpreters - DM 38/2002).

You can instead enrol on a degree programme at the University of Milan and single courses at another university (if these are not offered at the University of Milan), in music conservatories and recognized music institutes, and the National Dance Academy; nevertheless, you must give notice of having done so to the student secretariat of your degree programme.

Master degree programmes

Search a programme and read the calls for application and deadlines

Some Master's degree courses require a B1 or B2 level of English language proficiency according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) as an entry requirement.

Upcoming graduates admitted to Master's degree programmes: how to access online teaching

In order to follow online courses through the University platforms, you will need your Unimi credentials, which you received upon enrolment.

Students of this University earning their Bachelor's degree by 31 December 2021, who are admitted to a Master's degree programme, may follow online courses using their credentials. However, they may only enrol after graduation.

Students from other universities earning their Bachelor's degree by 31 December 2021, who are admitted to a Master's degree programme, may enrol conditionally through the Master's degree online enrolment service. The credentials issued upon enrolment may only be used for distance learning until such condition is lifted and enrolment is completed.

Upon graduation, you must promptly notify your degree data through a special online service.

Open admission programmes

You can apply directly for admission to open-admission programmes.

Limited enrolment programmes

For admission to limited enrolment programmes you must pass an entrance examination which determines your position in the final ranking of students who are allowed to enrol.

Annual calls for application and admissions tests

Each year, between February and July, the University of Milan publishes calls to apply for admission to master degree programmesThese calls for application report the procedure for enrolment (matriculation) on the first year of studies, as well as:

  • admission requirements
  • dates, programmes, procedures and locations for evaluation tests and entrance examinations
  • number of places available for programmes with limited enrolment
  • instructions for candidates with disabilities or SLD
  • information on rankings
  • enrolment procedures
Programme structure

The admission requirements and enrolment procedures for open admissions programmes can be found in the individual programme structures.