Programmes in English

Welcome to this summary that is intended to give you a quick overview of our academic programmes taught in English, besides programmes which are part of Internationa netwoks.

Annual updating of degree programmes

Variations about our education offer are usually announced each year, in May, in the occasion of the Open Day. They are anyway very few, and related to the suppression of an old programme or the launch of a new one.

Thus you can rely, anyway, on the actual education offer to start making your choice about the programme you would like to attend at our university.

Highlight - Admission

Admission soon open for Master Degree Programmes without entry examination for

  • International prospective students only, who can apply to all Master's degree programmes without entrance examination
  • all prospective students, who can only apply to Master programmes entirely taught in English.

Registrations for all other courses generally open from July to September or October.

Programmes offered by International university consortiums

Those are inter-university programmes generally offering a double or joined degree, awarded both by the University of Milan and the partner university. Students who choose to attend this kind of programmes have to spend a study periods abroad, in at least two of the universities belonging to the consortium.

  • Industrial Mathematics (ECMI) (2 anni) 
  • Algebra, Geometry & Number Theory (ALGANT) (2 anni) 
Students from abroad

Information fo International students who want to apply to a study programme or to spend their mobility study period abroad at the University of Milan.