Renewing enrolment

Who must renew it

Students must renew enrolment each academic year. The only exceptions are those who:

  • will graduate by the third session of the previous academic year: if the degree exam is postponed, they must enrol in the new academic year and pay both the first and second instalment, as well as any applicable late-payment fees
  • plan to transfer to another university
  • wish to interrupt their studies.
Procedures and deadlines

To renew enrolment students must access the dedicated online service and pay the first instalment from 16 July 2021 and within 30 September 2021.

Payment may be made through the online payment management with Pago PA, by which you can choose between immediatiate payment (credit card) or payment slip (homebanking, bank, ATM, tobacconist, etc).

Those who enrol after the deadline will be charged a late-payment fee automatically included in the second instalment.

By default, the maximum second instalment fee is charged for renewing enrolment. To request a reduction, students must submit a request for ISEE (Indicator of Economic Situation) certification by 29 October 2021.

Disabled students

Students who were exempted from payment of the second instalment for disabled students in the previous academic year need not reapply: the application automatically issues a MAV form for payment of the first (and only) instalment, a 16 euro fee to cover the revenue stamp/administrative expenses.