Studying at the Faculty of Science and Technology

The teaching activity is organized in two semesters:

  1. From October to December first semester,
  2. From February to May second semester.

Exam sessions are held exclusively when teaching activities are suspended.

Detailed information and timetables are available on the websites of the individual degree programmes.

Mathematics Additional Learning Obligations

New students who do not achieve the minimum score in the mathematics section of admission tests and have to fulfil Additional Learning Obligations (Obblighi Formativi Aggiuntivi, OFA), can attend the Basic Mathematics Laboratory provided by the Faculty within the National Plan for Science Degrees (PLS).

Laboratory activities, with exercises and intermediate tests, allow students to access the OFA Test.

The Basic Mathematics Laboratory is also open to those who simply wish to revise fundamental notions such as equations, inequalities, and analytic geometry.

Details on the Laboratory structure and calendar, as well as study materials, are available on the websites of the degree programmes.

Study awards

Thanks to its own or external funding, the University of Milan offers study awards to students and graduates

International agreements

Veterinary Medicine promotes various initiatives aimed at establishing and developing relationships with international organizations and institutions


Information and contacts for studying abroad with Erasmus+