Wifi service


The wifi service is available to all internal users and to external users who are members of Eduroam, an international federation of universities and research institutions.

Thanks to Eduroam, we can use our University credentials to access the wifi service when visiting one of its member universities, and our guests can do the same.

Eduroam provides fast and secure access to all the services of the University network from personal mobile devices.


How to connect
Automatic configuration

In order to connect to Eduroam from the University, you have to configure your device:

  • make sure you have an internet connection (mobile phone, home, ...)
  • on Android, install the eduroamCAT app from Play Store
  • open a browser on https://cat.eduroam.org
  • click on “Download installation software”
  • select the University (Università degli Studi di Milano) among members;
  • follow the instructions, download and execute the installer;
  • enter your full University credentials when required.

You can also access cat.eduroam.org directly through this QR CODE:

qrcode eduroam


Network problems?

After reading the detailed instructions, collect the information required to report the incident (your @unimi.it email, type of device) and

Non-member guests

Institutions hosting non-member users for some time can assign their guests temporary accounts on the Eduroam network. The institution will appoint an internal delegate and open a request on SPOC (Single Point of Contact). The wifi service will provide the delegate with the tools to create, edit, cancel temporary accounts.

The delegate will provide the guest with the login credentials (name.surname@wifi.unimi.it) required to access Eduroam. Guest users should change their password when they first log in.

Users of @wifi.unimi.it temporary accounts can only access the Eduroam network within the University.

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Conferences and events

For service activation and access credentials, or for special requirements, please open a request on SPOC (Single Point of Contact)