Board of Directors

The Board of Directors has the following functions:

  • strategy definition and management,
  • approval of the annual and three-year financial and personnel planning documents,
  • supervision of economic and financial sustainability.

The tasks, composition and functioning methods are established by the University Statute, under Title 3, art. 27.

The Board of Directors has the following responsibilities:

  1. approve, by proposal of the rector and subject to the opinion of the Academic Senate for matters within its competence, the annual and three-year forecast budget, the financial statements and attached documents;

  2. approve the planning and development document;

  3. adopt, normally by 31 January of each year, an operational resource allocation plan, ensuring compatibility with the university's didactic, scientific and organizational objectives;

  4. adopt, periodically update and verify the multi-year organizational plan;

  5. approve requests for positions and proposals to call professors and researchers advanced by the departments;

  6. decide on the recruitment and assignment of technical-administrative personnel in compliance with the long-term planning and with the service requirements;

  7. deliberate the activation of managerial positions through competition procedures or by contract, upon proposal of the General Manager;

  8. deliberate, in line with university planning and taking into account the needs expressed by the interested structures, on the three-year construction planning and on the use of space;

  9. approve any transformation of the university's securities and real estate assets and the assumption of mortgages or other forms of debt as is compatible with the regulations in force;

  10. deliberate the establishment and transformation of the departments, subject to the mandatory opinion of the Academic Senate;

  11. deliberate, with the mandatory opinion of the Academic Senate, the activation or suppression of courses and venues;

  12. determine the amount of the fees and contributions paid by the students, having consulted the Student Conference and the Academic Senate, and establish the possible share to be linked to specific destinations and to the improvement of educational facilities and services;

  13. adopt the University Regulations for the administration, finance and accounting, having consulted the Academic Senate, and deliberate or express an opinion on the relevant regulations, according to the rules established by this Statute;

  14. verify the economic-financial efficiency and compatibility of institutional and technical-administrative activities, also using the tools of management control;

  15. examine and approve contracts, conventions and any other external negotiations of the university, including those proposed by individual structures, without prejudice to any powers of approval that may be expressly reserved pursuant to the University Regulations for administration, finance and accounting;

  16. authorize, in accordance with the legislation in force, the acceptance of bequests and donations;

  17. authorize the use of the university logo by external parties, when it is not connected to institutional functions, by defining the methods and conditions;

  18. deliberate on active and passive disputes, waivers and transactions.

  19. other responsibilities of the Board of Directors:

    1. confer and possibly revoke, upon proposal of the rector, the office of General Manager; 

    2. assume disciplinary competence in relation to professors and researchers;

    3. designate and revoke university representatives from public and private bodies;

    4. on the proposal of the rector, designate the members of the internal Evaluation Committee and of the Board of Auditors;

    5. exercise all other deliberative and supervisory functions deriving from the laws in force, the Statute and the Regulations.

CDA composition
Members Role
Prof. Elio Franzini Rector - Chairman
Prof. Maria Pia Abbracchio Vice Rector
Dott. Roberto Conte General Director - Secretary
Prof. Francesco Blasi Internal member
Prof. Marco Giuliani Internal member
Prof. Stefano Poli Internal member
Prof. Chiara Tenella Sillani Internal member
Dott. Marina Tavassi External member
Dott. Ferruccio Capelli External member
Dott. Andrea Cerini Internal member PTA
Dott. Silvia Panigone External member
Elisabetta Giampaoli Student representative
Tommaso Bertacco Student representative

This sub-section contains information regarding the decisions made by the Board of Directors; in particular, information on the measures adopted with reference to contractor selection procedures for the assignment of jobs, supplies and services, also regarding the choice of selection method (see the sub-section "Tenders and contracts ") and agreements signed by the administration with private parties or other public administrations (ANAC Resolution no. 1310/2016 - attachment).

The proposals examined in the session of the Board of Directors are made available – in the days following the session – on special Unimibox folders, to the Deputy Rectors, the Chairman of the University Quality Assurance Board, the President of the Independent Evaluation Unit, Department Heads, managers and heads of structures, trade union representatives (RSU).

The minutes of the Board of Directors are available in full version to members of the Senate and the Board of Directors only.