Patent Committee

The Patent Committee of the University of Milan has been reconstituted for the 2018/2021 academic period, until 30 September 2021.

Its statutory duties are to:

  • review patent applications,
  • express an opinion on patents filed whenever a decision is required,
  • express an opinion on industrial property clauses in commissioned research and patent enhancement contracts, and in research agreements with other institutions. 

The Committee is also entrusted with evaluation and proposal tasks in the context of authorization procedures for the University's spin-offs.

Internal experts:

  • Prof. Adriana Maggi, full professor in academic field BIO/14-Pharmacology, Deputy Rector for Knowledge Transfer and Enhancement - President;
  • Prof. Giorgio Abbiati, associate professor in academic field CHIM/06-Organic Chemistry;
  • Prof. Silvia Giudici, associate in professor in academic field IUS/04-Commercial Law;
  • Mr. Roberto Conte, General Director.

External experts:

  • Ms. Silvia Panigone, member of the University's Board of Directors;
  • Ms. Maria Luisa Nolli, chief executive officer of NCNbio S.r.l.

Prof. Maria Pia Abbracchio, Vice-Rector and Deputy Rector for Research Strategies and Policies, attends the Committee meetings ex officio.

Le riunioni sono convocate alle ore 14:30 nelle seguenti date:


Mercoledì 13 gennaio

Mercoledì 3 febbraio

Mercoledì 3 marzo

Mercoledì 7 aprile

Mercoledì 5 maggio

Mercoledì 9 giugno

Mercoledì 7 luglio

Mercoledì 1 settembre

Mercoledì 6 ottobre

Mercoledì 3 novembre

Mercoledì 1 dicembre

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