Equal Opportunity Committee

The Equal Opportunity Committee (Comitato Unico di Garanzia, CUG) is the University board that protects, enhances and promotes the dignity and rights of individuals in the context of work, study and research activities.

The Committee co-operates with the Confidential Counsellor, the Head of Workplace Safety and Health and the Occupational Physician, within the University, as well as with the provincial and national equality counsellors, in the local area. It promotes a culture of equality, and individual wellbeing and empowerment through:

  • the Positive Action Plan - PAP
  • the Report on equality of working conditions
  • the Detection of work stress risks.

The five fundamental tasks of the Committee

  1. Promoting equality of treatment and removing inequalities, to create conditions of equal opportunities in the University
  2. Preventing discrimination, whether direct or indirect, due to gender, age, sexual orientation, race, ethnic origin, disability, religion, language
  3. Countering any aggressive or vexatious behaviour and any form of moral or psychological violence, monitoring the conditions, organizational factors and events that may lead to such behaviour
  4. Preventing mobbing, promoting codes of conduct, undertaking preventive and corrective actions
  5. Submitting any cases to the competent offices.


The Committee has 24 members, of which 12 are chosen from teachers and technical, administrative and librarian staff, and 12 from trade union representatives. It is led by a president, appointed by the Rector and the General Manager.

For matters of interest to the students, the Committee is integrated from time to time by a number of their representatives, equal to half of each of the other components.

For more information, please refer to the Code of equal opportunities between men and women, in accordance with article 6 of law no. 246 of 28 November 2005 - Legislative Decree 198/2006

President of the Committee
Lorenza Violini

Representatives of the administration

  • Lorenza Violini - member
  • Monica Barsi - alternate
  • Stefania Leone - member
  • Silvia Fustinoni - alternate
  • Sara Valaguzza - member
  • Lucia Cavalca - alternate
  • Giancarlo Carlo Reverberi - member
  • Paola Lupi - alternate
  • Maria Di Nardo - member
  • Esther Valzano - alternate
  • Mario Alberto Di Bono - member
  • Annalisa Corno - alternate
  • Diego Manenti - componente
  • Giulia Abbate - supplente

Trade union representatives:

Paola Papagna - member
Carmelina Varicchio - alternate

Marco Alberto Quiroz Vitale - member
Raffaella Atti - alternate

Vincenza Nadia Liistro - member
Laura Emanuela Radogna - alternate

Ernesto Gandini - member
Raffaella Cinzia Buro - alternate

Cassandra De Marco - member
Giuseppina Domenica Marino - alternate

Jean Masciullo - member
Pierangela Felisi - alternate

FLP Università
Raffaella Caporaso - member
Davide Vajani - alternate