Ethics Committee

Active since 2006, the Ethics Committee of the University of Milan expresses an opinion on studies submitted by researchers working at the University for the purposes of:

  • protecting the rights, dignity, integrity and well-being of the human beings involved
  • ensuring environmental stewardship, protection and conservation
  • promoting and ensuring compliance with Research Integrity.
    His opinion is normally required to submit research projects to national, EU or international institutions for funding applications and for publication in most scientific journals. The Ethics Committee does not have competence on clinical trials of drugs pursuant to article 3 of the relevant regulation, stating that “the functions reserved by law to the ethics committees of other institutions, namely hospitals, are outside the province of the University Ethics Committee".

Since June 2014, it has been the responsibility of the Animal Welfare Board (OPBA) to express opinions on the ethical profiles of scientific, experimental or educational research activities that exclusively involve animals or biological animal-derived materials.

Administrative contact:
Lidia Mantia
Tel. 02 503 12667

Request an opinion from the Ethics Committee

If you are a researcher and want an opinion on a research project, please visit laStatale@work.

The Committee is appointed every three academic years. It includes internal scientific experts and one external member, specialising in different fields:

  • Marco Pedrazzi, president, full professor of international law – SS IUS/13
  • Francesca Caloni, full professor of Veterinary Pharmacology and Toxicology – academic field VET/07
  • Monica Ferraroni, full professor of Medical Statistics – academic field MED/01
  • Fabrizio Gardoni, full professor of Pharmacology – academic field BIO/14
  • Emanuele Montanari, full professor of Urology – academic field MED/24
  • Gianfranco Mormino, full professor of Moral Philosophy – academic field M-FIL/03
  • Francesca Poggi, associate professor of Philosophy of Law – academic field IUS/20
  • Giuseppe Testa, full professor of Molecular Biology – academic field BIO/11
  • Giovanni Ziccardi, senior associate professor of Philosophy of Law – academic field IUS/20
  • Carlo Flamigni, external member, member of the National Bioethics Committee, surgical doctor and qualified lecturer in Clinical Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

January, 20th - 14:00, Rectorate 1st room

February, 17th - 14:00, Rectorate 1st room

March, 16th - 14:00, Rectorate 1st room

April, 20th - 14:00, Rectorate 1st room

May, 18th - 14:00, Rectorate 1st room

June, 15th - 14:00, Rectorate 1st room

July, 13th - 14:00, Rectorate 1st room

September 21st - 14:00, Rectorate 1st room

October, 19th - 14:00, Rectorate 1st room

November, 16th - 14:00, Rectorate 1st room

December 14th - 14:00, Rectorate 1st room


The minutes of the Ethics Committee meetings are available online only to the Committee members (Unimibox)