Council of Research Fellows

The Council is the highest representative body of Type A and Type B Research Fellows at the University. The Council promotes and coordinates the participation of Research Fellows in the academic organization, counsels the governing bodies of the University, and submits proposals on matters concerning the role of Research Fellows.

The proposals put forward by the Council are submitted to the governing bodies of the University for assessment within their respective competencies. In particular, the Council expresses non-binding opinions on:

  • changes to the University Regulations for Research Fellowships
  • changes to the Regulations governing teaching and scientific activities of Research Fellows
  • changes to the University Statute, on matters regarding Research Fellows.

The Council may submit independent proposals, motions or requests regarding:

  • the activities of Research Fellows
  • the conditions for their research, teaching and planning activities
  • access to services and research calls
  • cultural and social initiatives.

These opinions and proposals are adopted by resolution of the Council in plenary session. The Council is required to express opinions, and fulfil any other requirements, within 30 days of the request. The governing bodies of the University consider the opinions expressed by the Council.

The Council is composed of a representative of Research Fellows for each Department of the University, chosen by the Fellows of the Department itself. The representative of PhD students and the representatives of Temporary Researchers elected in the Academic Senate are guest members. Each member remains in office for two years and may be re-elected only once.

The members of the Council are required to participate regularly in the Council sessions. If a member is unable to attend a session, he or she can delegate one of the other Fellows on the Board of his/her own Department as alternate member. The members of the Council are required to report regularly to the Research Fellows of their respective Department on the activities of the Council.