University Sports Committee

The University Sports Committee promotes and encourages sports activities for the entire University community and oversees management guidelines for sports facilities and development programmes. 

The Committee has a two-year renewable mandate, is established by Rector's decree and is composed of:

  • The Deputy Rector for Sports, who acts as Chairman
  • Two members appointed by legally recognized academic sports boards that organize student sports activities on a national and international basis
  • One teacher and one representative of technical and administrative staff appointed by the Academic Senate
  • Two students designated by the Student Conference and the General Director.

The Committee sets out how to use sports facilities in agreement with local institutions that make them available, and prepares construction plans and funding proposals.

The implementation of sports development programmes approved by the Committee, and the management of university sports facilities are contracted to the Italian University Sports Centre (CUSI), operating through its local agency, CUS Milano.

Every year the Committee presents a report on the University sports facilities, next year's programme and financial plan to the Ministry of Education, University and Research.

The University Sports Committee is established pursuant to to article 56 of the University Statute.
The Italian universities network

The University of Milan is part of "UniSport Italia", a network of more than 40 Italian universities, which was created in 2018 to harness the potential of sport as a tool for training, research, innovation and well-being.