Agriculture, environment and bioenergy

Doctoral programme (PhD)
A.Y. 2020/2021
Study area
Science and Technology
Doctoral programme (PhD)
Dipartimento di Scienze Agrarie e Ambientali - Produzione, Territorio, Agroenergia - Via Celoria, 2 - Milano
PhD Coordinator
Our planet is experiencing a decline in its non-renewable resources and is exposed to risks deriving from climate change. The agricultural sector must supply food, non-food products, ecosystemic services and energy, whilst guaranteeing safety and food sovereignty. It is therefore essential to develop advanced training courses in order to achieve efficiency and sustainability in the agricultural sector and its various territorial contexts, taking into account the various elements of the production system and their organisation in agro-ecosystems. Reference will be made to:
a) phenotypic and genotypic features and the valorisation of genetic resources;
b) containment of biotic and abiotic adversities;
c) implementation of predictive IT models;
d) bioenergy production, use of residual substances, soil and water resource conservation;
e) analysis and management of technical means, agricultural processes, multi-functionality of rural areas and of agrobiodiversity.
The programme will enable researchers to:
a) develop autonomous research;
b) prepare and propose public and private research projects on a local, national and international level;
c) identify research needs and their scientific, social and economic relevance;
d) transfer knowledge through teaching activities and the presentation of data and results;
e) transfer research results to the public and private sphere.
Classi di laurea magistrale - Classes of master's degrees:

· LM-3 Architettura del paesaggio,
· LM-6 Biologia,
· LM-7 Biotecnologie agrarie,
· LM-8 Biotecnologie industriali,
· LM-9 Biotecnologie mediche, veterinarie e farmaceutiche,
· LM-17 Fisica,
· LM-18 Informatica,
· LM-30 Ingegneria energetica e nucleare,
· LM-32 Ingegneria informatica,
· LM-33 Ingegneria meccanica,
· LM-35 Ingegneria per l'ambiente e il territorio,
· LM-40 Matematica,
· LM-42 Medicina veterinaria,
· LM-44 Modellistica matematico-fisica per l'ingegneria,
· LM-48 Pianificazione territoriale urbanistica e ambientale,
· LM-56 Scienze dell'economia,
· LM-60 Scienze della natura,
· LM-69 Scienze e tecnologie agrarie,
· LM-70 Scienze e tecnologie alimentari,
· LM-73 Scienze e tecnologie forestali ed ambientali,
· LM-74 Scienze e tecnologie geologiche,
· LM-75 Scienze e tecnologie per l'ambiente e il territorio,
· LM-76 Scienze economiche per l'ambiente e la cultura,
· LM-77 Scienze economico-aziendali,
· LM-81 Scienze per la cooperazione allo sviluppo,
· LM-82 Scienze statistiche,
· LM-86 Scienze zootecniche e tecnologie animali.
Dipartimento di Scienze Agrarie e Ambientali - Produzione, Territorio, Agroenergia - Via Celoria, 2 - Milano
Title Professor(s)
Innovative Biofertilizers form organic wastes promoting the Circular Economy
Requisiti: Background in agricultural, biological, environmental science
Bioplastic from wastes
Requisiti: Background in biotechnology, Agricultural Science, Biology and Environmental Engineering
The project will focus on the production of viral vectors to achieve the etiology of the hemp streak disease, and (induce virus-induced gene silencing (VIGS) to knock-out genes of interest in the genome of Cannabis sativa
Requisiti: Advanced knowledge of Molecular biology, bioinformatics and plant virology
Assessment of regulation ecosystem services provided by urban trees and shrubs
Requisiti: Skills in agronomy and arboriculture; detailed knowledge about urban vegetation in Europe; knowledge about leaf gas exchange measurement techniques
Irrigation water use efficiency and adaptation to climate change at the district and basin scale
Requisiti: Skills in scientific subjects: agricultural, environmental, physics, engineering
Exploring effectiveness of nature-based solutions in managing and reclaiming stormwater runoff
Requisiti: Skills in scientific subjects: agricultural, environmental, physics, engineering
Selection of grapevine cultivars resistant to biotic stresses
Requisiti: Experience in molecular biology and agronomy
Multidisciplinary approach for setting up a continuous monitoring system in goat farms by means of vocalization analysis
Requisiti: Experience in collection and analysis of behavioural data
ArchaeoAgronomy and Archaeometry: archaeological and archaeometric research for the study of rural landscape, production and trade in Antiquity
Requisiti: Knowledge of archaeology/archaeometry and/or agronomy
Agronomic and ecophysiological evaluation of potential biostimulant products applied on horticultural crops
Requisiti: Knowledge in agronomy, horticulture, plant biochemistry, and ecophysiology.
Rumen modula and sustainability of milk production
Requisiti: Knowledge of ruminant nutrition and feeding
Principles and practices in agroecological design of green structures and infrastructures in urban and rural environment. New materials for maintaining cultivated soil fertility
Requisiti: Knowledge of agroecology
Set- up of diagnostic tools NGS based for virus, bacterial and fungal pathogen interception in ornamental plants
Requisiti: Advanced knowledge of Molecular biology, bioinformatics and plant pathology
Selection and evaluation of the efficacy of innovative and low environmental impact means for the control of phytopathogenic oomycetes
Requisiti: Skills in plant pathology and mycology, with particular reference to oomycetes and obligate parasites
Downscaling biophysical simulation using earth observation to increase the transferability of precision agriculture principles to operational farming conditions
Requisiti: Skills in remote sensing, biophysical modelling and programming
Functional characterization of developmental genes in barley
Requisiti: Skills in plant genetics and molecular biology
Mechanisms of plant response to drought in maize
Requisiti: Skills in crop biology

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