Coronavirus: urgent measures for the university community

Extension of government measures

The Prime Minister's Decree dated 1 April 2020 extends Covid emergency measures until 13 April.

Therefore, the University will continue its activities in accordance with the procedures provided for by the Rector's Decree on Essential Services dated 12 March 2020, as supplemented (Addendum).

Government provisions restricting the movement of people on the national territory must be strictly complied with, and access to university premises remains prohibited.

Access will only be allowed in very urgent cases during the opening hours of the University, from 8 am to 12:30 pm, for the provision of essential services as defined by the above-mentioned Rector's Decree, for the time strictly required for the completion of the relevant activities.

Please note that any violations or abuses are subject to criminal and disciplinary sanctions under the law.


This page provides information and updates for the entire academic community during the Covid-19 emergency period.  

In compliance with the Prime Minister's Decree of 1 April, which is available in the documents box, all teaching and administrative activities will continue remotely until 13 April.

Courses, exams and graduation sessions are held remotely, as described on this page. More details are available on the website of each study programme, as well as in the dedicated pages of the Study section of the portal, which we invite you to consult. 

The documents and regulations issued by the University as well as by local and national authorities over the last few weeks in response to the Covid-19 emergency are available in Documents and notices.

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For students

Distance learning resources (documents, slides, audiovisuals) and notices are available on Ariel platform. 

Please use Ariel for the asynchronous activities only. Synchronous activities with students (live lessons in webconference), are available mostly through virtual classes and Microsoft Teams platform.  

Please refer to study programme websites, to this page and to CTU website for further updates on distance learning, if not available on Ariel.

English language courses
English language courses provided by the University Language Centre (SLAM) will be delivered by distance learning, starting from 2 March: more information will be published shortly on dedicated portal pages.



In addition to the Study section of the University portal, to the study programmes websites and to this page, with live updates, students can refer to:

  • tutors and study programme coordinators (contact details on the degree programme pages)
  • academic services:

Without prejudice to the instruction to replace oral for written exams, where possible, the University has identified some options for courses to be assessed by written exams

A first option is a paper-based exam by videoconference. This is particularly suitable for exams that involve creating formulas, diagrams, charts or drawings, and can be implemented as of April 16.

A second option is a computer-based exam through closed and/or open questions on a proctoring platform. This option will be tested on some exams as of April 16. However, it is not suitable for assessments that involve creating diagrams, charts or drawings.

Please find technical details for each option below.

Online paper-based exams

As of April 16, this option can be adopted for any type of written exams, particularly those that require creating formulas, diagrams, charts, and drawings as well as simple text.

The exam will take place by videoconference between the teacher and the students. The teacher will supervise students and make sure that they position the video camera of their device so as to frame themselves, their paper and the surrounding environment.

At the end of the exam, students will send the teacher their papers as pdf files, to be created by scanner (if available) or software that can be downloaded free of charge on their devices.

Each exam session will involve a limited number of students (approximately not more than 20) for the purposes of supervision as well as to avoid network problems and ensure constant connection between the teacher and every single student. In the case of exams with a large number of students, we will hold different sessions, on different dates and times.

Online proctored exams

This option is technically complex and requires a trial period, starting from April 16 for some exams. The student will take a computer-based exam, answering closed and/or open questions. This option is not suitable for exams that require creating formulas, diagrams, charts or drawings.

The exam can also be held by using available questionnaires on the University platforms Mirror Exams and Moodle.

The proctoring system will monitor the student's behaviour through Artificial Intelligence algorithms, and will limit features (e.g. Internet browsing and chats).

The proctoring platform will supervise the exam: at the end, the teacher will access the video recording of the exam and verify any incorrect behaviour from the report produced by the platform. Since no ongoing supervision by the teacher is required, a single exam session can involve up to 150 students.

Other options for written exams

Computer-based exams can also rely on direct supervision by the teacher using tools for monitoring multiple video sources (at least the student's face and computer desktop). However, exam sessions can only involve very limited numbers of students (approximately not more than 10) for the purposes of supervision.

Written exams cannot be scheduled at the moment, and therefore can be reorganised as oral exams.

Oral exams will all take place remotely, at least until 3 April, through Microsoft Teams, which is included in the Microsoft Education license made available by the University to all teachers and students and already in use for teaching. 

Please consult FAQs on remote exams available in the Study section of the University portal.

Pursuant to the Rector's Decree dtd. 13 March 2020, the University of Milan will continue to hold graduation sessions as scheduled, notwithstanding art. 101 of Law Decree No. 18 dtd. 17 March 2020 ("Cura Italia"), which provides for the extension of the last graduation session of Academic Year 2018/2019 to 15 June 2020.

Bachelor's degree final exams

Final exams are taking place remotely as detailed below, in line with the Commission set-up procedures defined by each study programme.

Almost all final exams will take place remotely, with the commission and the candidates connected to the Microsoft Teams platform. At the end of the presentation and defence of the paper, the commission will gather without the candidates to determine the score to be recorded according to the current procedures.

Instructions for sitting the final exams are available on the dedicated page of the University portal.
Technical information are also available on the dedicated page of the CTU website.

Final exams that not include a discussion with the candidate

For all programmes in the fields of Humanities and Agricultural and Food Sciences, and for the bachelor's programmes in Language Mediation and Intercultural Communication, and in Herbal Sciences and Technologies the final exam will not include a discussion with the candidate.

The Commission will meet online / remotely to  assess  each candidate's paper, and the supervisor, in agreement with the co-supervisor (if any), will submit a score to the Commission. After discussing the proposed score, the Commission will award a score to be recorded according to the current procedures.

Master's degree final exams

Given the characteristics of the final exam defined by each study programme, final exams will take place remotely for both candidates and commissioners, via the Microsoft Teams platform.

All candidates will be contacted via email.


Medical Practitioner License

Decree Law no. 18 dated 17 March 2020, art. 102 (Medical Practitioner License and Further Urgent Measures for Health Professions), has lifted the requirement for the national Medical Practitioner Qualifying Exam.
In order to become a Licensed Medical Practitioner, you must have carried out a postgraduate practical internship as required by art. 2 of the Decree of the Minister of Education, University and Research no. 445 dated 19 October 2001, or an undergraduate practical internship as required by art. 3 of the Decree of the Minister of Education, University and Research no. 58 dated 9 May 2018.

Pursuant to the Rector's Decree of 25 March 2020 (ref. no. 1400/2020), graduates who successfully completed their practical internship, and qualified in the second session of 2019, are Licensed Medical Practitioners in accordance with article 102, paragraph 3, of Law Decree no. 18 dated 17 March  2020.

Students graduating in the March 2020 session shall carry out their postgraduate internship, to start on 7 April 2020, subject to any contrary provisions due to the current health  emergency.

PhD students cannot attend courses or the University premises.

Teachers will do office hours remotely, as scheduled. 

University libraries will be closed until 3 April. Access to digital resources, suspensions and extensions for book loans: learn more on the University Library Service website.

In addition to the online Infostudenti service, the University Registrar makes available the toll-free number 800 188 128 (from any landline).

You can ask for the information you need by dialing non toll-free numbers:

  • 199 188 128 (from Italy)
    Call costs: from any landline in Italy amounts to the cost of a local call, from mobile phone it depends on your telephone plan or line manager
  • 0039 056676357 from abroad
    the cost depends on the telephone company


For details, please refer to the dedicated web page. 

Immagine grafica sulla didattica online
For teachers

Video lessons, Microsoft Teams, virtual class: information, manuals, guidelines, and templates for the production of e-learning materials are available on the dedicated page of the CTU website, the Teaching and Learning Innovation and Multimedia Technology Centre.

For staff

The activities deemed essential, including any "non-deferrable activities to be carried out on the premises" in compliance with anti-contagion protocols and safety distances between people, are the following:

  • Rector's Office and General Management activities
  • ICT, CTU and ICT Security Sector activities
  • Student Registrar activities
  • Institutional Affairs, for the sole activity of the Office for Relations with Government Bodies and Regulations; 
  • Caretaker and janitor services, limited to authorized buildings and accesses;
  • The activities of other offices, if deemed essential to ensure basic services by the respective Manager / Department Head.

Access to some structures may be limited or prohibited, based on the review of activities declared "essential". The buildings open and with limited access shall be manned by caretakers.

The days and times in which University structures will be accessible for non-ordinary, urgent activities are as follows: Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 12.30 pm (on Saturdays, until 13 April, all structures will be closed).

Staff working part-time on the premises will work at home for the remaining hours, under the smart working scheme.

Staff working on the University premises will have to fill out the travel form available on the website of the Ministry of the Interior (link in the documents box). Please add a note on essential activities, as follows: "I have to be on duty on the University premises to carry out essential activities as identified by the General Director's resolution of 8 March 2020."

If you are attending even one of the optional courses proposed for this emergency period by the Training Office, you must submit the weekly remote training report form, in addition to the smart work report form. 

You do not need to sign the form. Just send it to your manager, copying in

Full details on the training pages of the @work site.

All emergency measures are provided by the latest set of rules available on this page, particularly the Rector's Decree of 12 March (with Annexes A and B and the operating note issued by the General Manager), the Rector's Decree / Addendums of 14, 23, 29 March and 29 March bis, the Decree of 3 April and the General Manager's resolutions on the Extraordinary Plan for Smart Working.

These measures are effective through 13 April 2020. Should the current national regulations be extended, these measures may be extended as well.

Documents and notices

Pursuant to the Prime Minister's Decree of 8 March 2020, please find below the new measures approved by the University of Milan, which will be updated following any new provisions by competent Authorities.

All teaching and training activities in class are suspended until 3 April apart from those related to postgraduate medical schools, specific training courses in general medicine, and training activities for health professions, in compliance with safety and health measures and subject to approval by the hosting facilities. 

Updated as of 2 March, 6.30 pm

At this critical juncture, the University will not suspend activities carried out by postgraduate students in the medical/health area.

However, we recommend trainees to strictly follow all the indications provided from time to time by their hospital's Chief Medical Officer

PhD students cannot attend courses or the University premises. 

Access to university spaces is allowed only for urgent research activities that cannot absolutely be postponed without affecting scientific results. Scholarship holders and fellows can access university premises and laboratories only for extraordinary reasons to be evaluated and approved by facility managers.

Updated as of 2 March, 6.30 pm

At this critical juncture, we recommend that all teachers working in hospitals under the affiliation system follow the operating instructions issued by the General Manager and Chief Medical Officer of the hospital.

Please note that the University is working in close contact with regional health authorities to adopt shared lines of action, and protect public health. Any recommendations from these authorities will be promptly notified.
There are currently no work restrictions for technical-administrative staff based in hospitals.
Absence for personal reasons will be tolerated, and should be justified according to the ordinary procedure, until otherwise provided. 
The Administration is in close contact with General Managers and Chief Medical Officers to jointly evaluate any safety measures required in the current situation, without prejudice to essential public services.
General Management will grant university staff, whether or not working under the affiliation system, absolute equality of treatment with hospital staff, as regards prevention and safety measures.

Pursuant to the Prime Minister's Decree of 1 April 2020 and the operational guidelines by General Director, both available in the documents box:

All competitive exams for professors, researchers, technical administrative staff and librarians are suspended until 15 May 2020, and will be rescheduled, apart from those requiring only remote working activities and the evaluation of curricula. The Administration will provide new instructions to panels and candidates through institutional channels. 

Updated as of 1 April

All public events are cancelled until 13 April.

Updated as of 10 March

Buildings on via Celoria

The bulding No. 22010 on via Celoria 10 will be open again on Monday 9 March, while the building No. 21100 on via Celoria 2 will remain closed until Sunday 15 March

ICANS Centre on via Botticelli 21 is closed for sanitising until Sunday 15 March.


4 March, 8.40 pm - Important notice

For the sake of public health and safety, building 22010 on via Celoria 10 - housing the Department of Environmental Science and Policy, the Department of Veterinary Medicine and the Department of Veterinary Science for Health - will be closed until Saturday, 7 March, due to the Coronavirus emergency.

We recommend that all staff working in the building stay at home, and possibly contact their general practitioner or call the toll-free number of the Lombardy Region 800894545, or 112, or the national number of the Ministry of Health 1500.

Staff working in other buildings of the Veterinary Medicine Faculty and visitors can use the via Ponzio 7 entrance


3 March, 9.54 pm - Important notice

For the sake of public health and safety, building 21100 on via Celoria 2, housing the Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences - Production, Landscape, Agroenergy, and the Department of Environmental Science and Policy, will be closed until Saturday, 7 March, due to the Coronavirus emergency.

We recommend that all staff working in the building stay at home, and possibly contact their general practitioner or call the toll-free number of the Lombardy Region 800894545, or 112, or the national number of the Ministry of Health 1500.

Updated as of 3 March, 10.25 am

In compliance with the precautionary measures adopted by the Lombardy Universities Rectors' Committee, available in the documents box, the University of Milan informs that all in-class teaching activities remain suspended until Saturday 7 March.

Please refer to the updates below on:

  • Front-desk and library services
  • Teaching schedule, undergraduate interim and final exams, PhD exams
  • Distance learning

Latest updates – 2 March, 5.13 pm

All campuses are open to staff.

All in-class teaching activities are suspended, while front-desk and book loan services are available. Some libraries also provide limited access to study and reading rooms, as specified on the University Library Service website.