Coronavirus: urgent measures for the university community

The current Rectors' Decree on the  provisions on teaching activities has been published, together with the latest directions on smart working and the Operating circular on the green pass requirement.

Mask-wearing is mandatory on campus, in closed spaces. We kindly ask you to strictly comply with these provisions, in order to protect your health and the people with whom you interact daily

All the documents and regulations issued by the University, as well as by local and national authorities during the Covid-19 health emergency, are available in the Documents box.

Last updates

100% Room Capacity

Thursday, 14 October  2021

Pursuant to Leg. Decree no.139/2021 of 8 October 2021 room capacity to hold didactic activities as well as activities by exam and graduation committees may be reverted to 100%.

In-person teaching and learning and Covid-19 certificate

Monday, 30 August 2021

The Rector’s Decree and the Operating circular provide some indications on the enforcement of the new Government provisions ahead of the resumption of in-person teaching and learning.

Rector's Decree and guidelines for educational activities - First semester of a.y. 2021/22

Tuesday, 3 August 2021

The Rector's Decree and the technical-operational guidelines for resuming in-person teaching and learning in September are online.

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Professioni sanitarie
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Lessons and teaching materials, online written and oral exams, final exams, office hours, Microsoft Office 365.

Immagine grafica sulla didattica online
For teachers

Video lessons, Microsoft Teams, virtual class: information, manuals, guidelines, and templates for the production of e-learning materials are available on the dedicated page of the CTU website, the Teaching and Learning Innovation and Multimedia Technology Centre.

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All information for technical, administrative and library staff: smart working, work and family leave, essential services.